picture of julia owens


I strive for the yay-my-teacher-just-assigned-an-art-project feeling when working with startups as they strategize websites, brand presence, and customer engagement. I work with small businesses and nonprofits who imagine solutions for the world’s environmental and social needs. I design with their concepts, ideas, and users in mind. When I figure out a better way to solve a problem, I cannot rest until it is implemented. I love design because it combines art and the written word, and communicates an infinite amount of ideas.

My diverse experiences enable me to collaborate with a variety of entreprenuers, including an all-women’s art college, an artist-run studio, a harajuku-themed sushi restaurant, an after-school mural program, a greenhouse-coffee shop, and a children’s historic playground. These experiences broadened my knowledge of art education, hospitality, social justice, play advocacy, and community building.

I also love to make and look at art that feels like an art project. In my free time I curate Hauska, an art-gallery in my dining room, and I perform improv comedy. Recently my sister and I started d’Odd Sister’s Press, where we illustrate funny greeting cards together. You can also find me bargain hunting at thrift-stores, making my home cozy, or hanging out with my husband Jeff and our toddler Arthur.